Does my organization really need Preventive Medication?

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A very common misconception is that your network should ultimately run “error-free” by itself or that when something does go wrong, a quick fix is all that will be required.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Your computers and network equipment are a vital part of your business. Together with the critical information they contain – information about your business, customers, accounts, employees, taxes, etc. – they are the lifeblood of your company. A second misconception is that computers have become “disposable”. You don’t fix them – you replace them. While this is technically true for the computer itself, it is not true for the way the computer “fits” in your organization. Your replacement “cost” is literally several thousand dollars by the time you get the replacement computer configured and re-loaded with your applications and critical information.

Everybody knows that automobiles require regular maintenance. We can all picture the crusty old mechanic in the commercial saying, “you can pay me now or you can pay me later”.

The same is true of your computer and network systems. “You can pay me now or you can pay me later”. And, just as with the automobile, the cost and pain of replacing a system that has not been maintained is almost always much greater than the cost of maintaining your system.

Some companies are even selling the idea that they can manage your business technology simply from a remote data center or only through the Internet. The truth is that as with any critical business system, adequate preparation, personalized support, and rapid service response is really the only answer.


Our style of proactive computer and network support, with frequent on-site “check-ups”, ongoing system validation and rapid response from an expert who knows your network is the only way to lessen the impact of a technical failure affecting your business and minimizing or eliminating potential network downtime.

Whether you have a single computer or a network of computers, we have a plan for you . A Makers Engineering “Preventive Medication” plan provides comprehensive and flexible on-site and phone support for your computer systems and network. Each of our plans are uniquely tailored to meet your business needs and feature five overlapping services:

  • On-demand – support for technical projects, upgrades and installations

  • Preventive – regularly scheduled proactive maintenance
  • Disaster avoidance – data backup and recovery services
  • Emergency – immediate on-site technical assistance
  • Remote – remote technical assistance by telephone or email

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