Technology with integrity and excellence

MAKERS ENGINEERING delivers technology with integrity and excellence. Whatever your technology needs, we can help.

Affordable computer & network maintenance and support

Whether you have a single computer or a network of computers, we have a plan for you. A Makers Engineering support plan provides comprehensive and flexible on-site and phone support for your computer systems and network. Click here for more information.

Electronic Business Card Development

Introducing the Electronic Business Card from Makers Engineering. Click here to see how a Makers Engineering e-card can help you Attract More Clients & Increase Your Business!
Makers Engineering is committed to providing Technology with integrity and excellence. We believe there is room in the marketplace for a company dedicated to helping our customers achieve success by providing excellent service and operating with the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

Management Consulting & Sales Consulting

If you are looking for a new perspective or for assistance with management or sales, we can help! We have expertise and years of experience building, growing, and motivating teams, and helping individuals and organizations become successful.
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Whether you are looking for Computer & Network Support , your own Electronic Business Card , or Management Consulting Services , we can help!

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